How To Use The Timer Widget

The timer widget allows you to count up or down to a specific date.

Setting Up & Using Your Timer Widget

  • First you will need to hover over the “MEDIA” menu button and click the “ADD MEDIA” button.

GIF hovering over MEDIA menu then clicking on ADD MEDIA
  • Once in the “ADD MEDIA” section you will click on the “LOCAL” tab.
  • After clicking into the “LOCAL” tab you will click on the “TIMER” widget.

GIF clicking on the LOCAL tab then on the TIMER widget
  • You have a selection of themes available to use
  • Some themes will have different features than others, for example: Theme 1 will allow you to change the text within the timer

Selecting the Theme
  • Choose whether you want your timer widget to count down or count up.
  • Counting down will allow you to choose between a date, duration, or a daily timer (counts down everyday to a specific time).

Selecting the Data Source
  • Choose your date / time and mode (if applicable). The clock is in a 24-hour time format.

Selecting your Current Items
  • Insert desired text to display upon completion of timer (Only on countdown).
  • Click the green “preview” button to preview your content in the window to the right.

  • Themes 3, 4, and 5 will have more customization options in the “ADVANCED SETTINGS” button. Depending on the widget, this allows you to change colors on the widget or even add a background image.

Adding to your media library



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