How do I use the Text Widget

How do I use the Text Widget? 

The Text widget is an easy way to display personalized text on screen. The Text widget acts as a Text Ticker and has a variety of animation styles and customization options. 

Adding Text Content:

Navigate to the "Add Media" page, and select the Text widget, under the General tab. 

From here, add whatever text you would like displayed on screen to the text field on the top. Then, select a theme for the ticker, select the direction you want the text to go, set the speed it moves and the animation style it uses.


There are also advanced options that allow editing of the Title and Content of the ticker, via the gear icon on the bottom of the screen. From here, you can change the color of the border, text field, and text itself, manage the font and sizing of the text, etc.


Once you have everything set up the way you would like, press preview to see the text as it will appear on screen. If this is correct, be sure to give the media a name and assign it to any groups or tags you would like, then click the save button to save the media to your Media Library for later use.