How do I use the Files Widget?

How do I use the Files Widget? 

The Files widget, under the General Tab, is our catch-all widget, allowing upload of many popular file types such as .png, .jpg, .mp4, .pdf, etc. The following article is a brief rundown of how to add media via this widget. 

Adding media

Navigate to the "Add Media" page, under Media dropdown menu on the top of our website. Once here, find the General tab, and select the "Files" widget. 

From here, you can drag and drop media into the zone on the left, or click in this zone, and a window will open into your file system, which you can then navigate to find the media you would like to upload. You will see the media populate the right side in the preview zone. You can then name your media, add it to a group, or add tags. Once everything is set correctly, press the save button on the bottom right of the screen, and the media will be saved to your "Media Library" for later use.

There are also two additional ways to upload media, if you do not have the media available on your local management device: File from Web URL, and Local File Path.


If you have the file uploaded to a file hosting website of some kind, you can enter the URL here, and the system will pull the media from this URL for you.


As with the initial upload method, once you have confirmed the media is in the preview zone and everything is ready, click save, and the media will be added to your library.