Best Practices for Xhibit Signage Systems.

Tips & Tricks


Font & Text

  • Make sure your content is readable at a distance
    • Screens should be readable up to 10 ft away
    • Do not overcrowd your screen with text
    • We enforce a maximum of 24 lines of text
  • Bullet points, lists, and short phrases with 3-5 words are easier to read
    • Do not include paragraphs of text
  • We can only accommodate Google Fonts! Other fonts are not supported in our software.


Templates and Content Apps

  • Too much content on screen will distract viewers
  • Have a focus, such as a video, image gallery, etc.
  • Smaller content can be included without being too distracting (clock, weather, RSS feed, etc)


Image Recommendations

  • Images taken under bright lighting will look better on your screen
  • Background images should be set to 1920x1080 resolution or larger to avoid pixelation
  • Logos should be a minimum of 500x500 pixels large

Problems, Questions, Corrections: If you have any further questions, problems, or corrections you would like to see made, please open a support ticket at