How to use Social Wall widget on XhibitSignage CMS

Social Wall widget allows you to combine multiple Social media portals and display them in one stunning widget. You will learn how to create a Social Wall widget, add your sources and customize the appearance of your Social Wall widget in the steps below:
1. Login to your XhibitSignage account, and navigate to the Social Wall widget.
  • However over 'Media' tab and click on 'Add Media'
  • Click on 'Social' widget tab and select the 'Social Wall' widget.
2.Let's now select the sources for our Social Wall. Click on 'Select Accounts' and select the source of your social media from the drop down list. Then type in your account name next to the selected media platform
sources dropdown
3. When you're done adding your sources, your Account Setting sections will look similar to the one below. Notice how you can add multiple accounts on the same social media platform, e.g. two different Twitter accounts!
4. Finally you can select one of the four themes and preview your Social Wall widget. Additionally you can change the scrolling speed of your Social Wall, its refresh rate, and further edit the settings and appearance of your Social Wall widget in 'Advanced Settings'
social wall

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