How to use Interactive Playlists

How do I use Interactive Templates

What you will need:
  • A touch capable device (such as Xhibit Touch or BrightSign XT1144)
  • Touch Premium Widget package
  • A touch capable display

How to add Interactive Playlists

Navigate to the Add Interactive Playlist page via the dropdown menu "Playlists".

Once on the Interactive Playlist page, simply drag and drop any media you would like in the playlist to the content zone on the right side.

Arrange the media in the order you would like it to play from top to bottom, or via the Rearrange button which will call up a window.

When you have the media in the order you would like, you can also designate how you would like the media to transition between slides of the playlist, via the dropdown menu next to the Rearrange button.

Once everything about the playlist is correctly setup, save the playlist via the save button on the bottom right. You can then publish the playlist to your device. You can always come back to manage this playlist via the playlist library if you need to make any changes.