How to Add/Use Touch Content on Xhibit Touch Devices

How to Add/Use Touch Content on Xhibit Touch Devices:

Xhibit Touch Devices are capable of utilizing two types of Interactive Media: Buttons, and Touch Zones. In the following article, we will demonstrate how to add and use both of these types of Interactive Media.

What you need:
  • An Xhibit Touch device or Touch enabled Flex device
  • Interactive Template Premium Widget
  • A Touch Capable Display

How to Add Button Media

Under the Media Tab on your Xhibit Signage Account, click "Add Media". Once you are on the Add Media page, click on the Kiosk Widget Tab, and then click on the Button widget.

From here, you can choose the design you prefer for your button, and what you would like the button to say. There are also advanced options for each theme, allowing for further customization.

How to use Button Media


Once you have added a button to your account, you will need to add it to a template. Select "Add Template" under the template drop down menu. Here, you will go to the Kiosks tab in the widget menu bar, and click on the button widget icon to create a button zone.


Click on the hand icon to select the media you would like to play once the button is pressed. A pop-up window will come up, and allow you to select media, as well as style and size of the zone the media will display in.


When you have selected your media, click the pencil icon to select the button you would like to come on screen.

When the template has been published, pressing the button will play the media in the designated area.

How to add Touch Zones

If you want to add interactive media that does not need a button to start, such as a website, you will need to make a zone in the template for the media you would like to be touch enabled. Once you have created the proper zone, click the gear icon on the bottom right of the zone to open an "Advanced Settings" window. From here, toggle the "Convert to touch zone" switch. This will enable the media displayed in this zone will have touch functionality.

Interactive Playlists

You can also add an interactive playlist to your touch capable media, by selecting  "Interactive Playlist" under the playlist drop down menu. From here, create the playlist as you would a regular playlist. It will display as an interactive playlist via the touch icon that will show when the media is selected.