How does Priority Media work?

How does Priority Media work?

What the Priority Media feature does:

The Priority Media feature allows you to push a particular piece of media to fullscreen, in front of and over-top any other media you may have playing at the time. It gives this media priority over any other that plays at the same time, allowing you to feature certain media in playlists or templates based on your needs.

How do I use Priority Media?

On the "Add Media" page of your account when you are adding media, or on the "Edit Media" page for any existing media, you will see a gear icon reading "Advanced Settings". Click here.

This will bring up a window containing the advanced settings. Click the Priority tab. The Fullscreen Priority setting is this toggle, and once clicked and saved, will apply fullscreen priority to the media any time it is displayed.


Click Advanced settings to open the new "Advanced Settings" window

Under "Priority" tab, set the toggle to on

This will cause the selected content to display at full screen regardless of prior arrangements in playlists or templates, for the playtime duration specified for each individual media.