Flex (BrightSign) Setup Guide

1. Before you begin - Flex requirements
  • Purchase a supported BrightSign device
    • XT1143
  • Empty MicroSD card or USB flash drive
  • Wired Ethernet network connection
  • USB keyboard (optional)
  • Purchase an Mvix Xhibit Flex software license (contact your Mvix Solutions Consultant for more information)
2. Prepare your BrightSign device
  • Connect the Ethernet cable and/or keyboard, and insert the empty MicroSD card or flash drive. Connect the BrightSign device’s power and HDMI cables.
  • Wait for the device setup screen to appear.
Quick Start Screen
  • At a computer on the same network, enter the device’s IP address into the address bar on a Web browser to interact with the setup screens. You can find the IP address at the bottom of the screen, listed under “Current Settings”.
    • Alternatively, if the device has a USB port, you have the option of connecting a USB keyboard and navigating the screens directly on the device. In this case, you can use the Tab key to navigate around the screen and Enter to activate buttons.
  • Click Next.
  • Select “Ethernet” on the following screen, then select “Use Current Settings”.
  • After the network diagnostics finish, click “Next - Publishing Options”.
  • A screen will appear giving four options. Select “Standalone”.
Quick Start Screen
  • Enter your desired device name (do not use spaces, or special characters other than - and _). Select “Use name only”. Enter a description for the device if desired. Select your time zone, and make sure “Production Firmware” is selected under “Firmware”. (It’s okay if it says something other than 7.0.60.) Click “Finish”.
  • Wait for the firmware update to finish.
3. Install the Flex app for BrightSign
  • Download the Flex app from Mvix.
  • Remove the flash drive or microSD card from your player and insert it into your computer.
  • Extract the entire contents of the ZIP file onto the flash drive/microSD card.
  • Remove the flash drive/microSD card from your computer, and put it back into the player.
  • Press the RESET button on the player.
4. Activate your device
  • Power on your BrightSign device and wait for it to initialize.
  • The app will continue loading, and then you will be presented with the activation screen:
Activation Screen
  • At this point, use another PC/Mac or mobile device and go to https://www.xhibitsignage.com/activate to complete the device activation form
  • The Mvix Technical Support team will review your activation details and set up your client account along with your device registration - this process is usually completed within 1 business day
  • Once your device is activated, the activation screen will disappear, and the device will begin playing Mvix sample content
5. Schedule Your Content
  • Your device setup is now complete, and you can access https://www.xhibitsignage.com using your account login credentials
  • Moving forward, you will use XhibitSignage to schedule and manage your devices and their playback content
  • Enjoy!



Problems, Questions, Corrections: If you have any further questions, problems, or corrections you would like to see made, please open a support ticket at www.mvixusa.com/support/