Flex (LG webOS) Setup Guide

1. Before you begin - Xhibit Flex requirements
  • Purchase a supported LG WebOS display (webOS 3.0 and above)
    • Recommended Hardware: LG Commercial-grade Full HD Digital Signage Display
    • 32” Display: LG 32SM5KC-B
    • 43” Display: LG 43SM5KC-B
    • 49” Display: LG 49SM5KC-B
    • 55” Display: LG 55SM5KC-B
    • 55” Display: LG 55SM5KD-B
    • 65” Display: LG 65SM5KC-B
  • Recommended: USB keyboard
  • Wired ethernet network connection (highly recommended) or available WiFi network
  • Purchase an Mvix Xhibit Flex software license (contact your Mvix Solutions Consultant for more information)
2. Set up your LG webOS display
  • Connect the following components to your LG display:
    • Power cable
    • Ethernet network cable (highly recommended)
    • USB Keyboard (recommended)
  • On first boot, you will be greeted with a welcome screen and various additional steps (these may vary):
    • Select "Quick Start", and make sure the time and date are set correctly.
    Quick Start Screen
  • Wifi setup (optional):
    • Press the “⚙” or “Settings” button on the remote.
    • From the “General” section, select “Network”.
    • Select “Wi-Fi Connection”, and choose the desired network.
    • Enter the encryption key if necessary.
3. Install the Mvix Flex LG app
  • Press the “⚙” or “Settings” button on the remote.
  • Select “SI Server Setting”.
  • If you see a prompt asking you to select “SI Server Setting” or “Developer Mode & Beanviser”, choose the former.
  • Set “Fully Qualified Domain Name” to On, and in the text field underneath, enter “https://display.xhibitsignage.com/lg/firmware.ipk”.
  • Set “Application Launch Mode” to “Local”.
  • Scroll down and set “Application Type” to “IPK”.
  • Next to “Local Application Upgrade”, select the “Remote” button, and then select “Confirm”.
  • Reboot the device and verify the application automatically loads.
Activation Screen

(Note: The text field in the above screenshot may appear in a smaller size on your device.)

4. Activate your device
  • Power on your WebOS device.
  • After the device boots, the Xhibit Flex app will automatically open, and you will be presented with the activation screen:
Activation Screen
  • At this point, use another PC/Mac or mobile device and go to https://www.xhibitsignage.com/activate to complete the device activation form
  • he Mvix Technical Support team will review your activation details and set up your client account along with your device registration - this process is usually completed within 1 business day
  • Once your device is activated, the activation screen will disappear, and the device will begin playing Mvix sample content
5. Schedule Your Content
  • Your device setup is now complete, and you can access https://www.xhibitsignage.com using your account login credentials
  • Moving forward, you will use XhibitSignage to schedule and manage your devices and their playback content
  • Enjoy!



Problems, Questions, Corrections: If you have any further questions, problems, or corrections you would like to see made, please open a support ticket at www.mvixusa.com/support/