Flex (Chrome OS) Setup Guide

1. Before you begin - Xhibit Flex requirements
  • Purchase a supported Chrome OS device
    • Highly recommended: ASUS Chromebox
    • Also supported: ASUS Chromebit
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • Wired ethernet network connection (highly recommended) or available WiFi network
  • Purchase an Mvix Xhibit Flex software license (contact your Mvix Solutions Consultant for more information)
2. Set up your Chrome OS device
Autmoatic Kiosk Mode
3. Install the Mvix Xhibit Flex Chrome app
  • If the automatic kiosk option does not appear, you may need to restore your device to factory defaults - see this page for additional information and instructions: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/1360642?hl=en
  • After enabling automatic kiosk mode, sign in with your Google account to complete initial setup - your device will boot to the desktop
  • Wifi setup(optional):
    • At the bottom right corner of the desktop, click on your user icon to open the settings pane
    • Click on the wifi icon (which may say “No network”) to begin the wifi setup
    • Follow the wifi setup prompts until you are connected to your wifi network
  • On the Chrome OS desktop, click the Launcher button at the lower left corner of the screen
  • In the Launcher window, click on the “All Apps” button
  • In the All Apps window, click on “Chrome” to open the Google Chrome browser
  • In the Chrome browser, click the 3 dots icon at the top right of the window to open the Chrome menu
  • In the Chrome menu, navigate to More Tools > Extensions
  • On the Extensions screen, click the “Developer Mode” checkbox so that it is selected
  • Below that checkbox, click on the “Manage kiosk applications…” button
  • In the popup window, there is a “Add kiosk application” field - enter or copy and paste the following URL into that field and click the “Add” button: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/xhibit-flex-digital-signa/joimamoahlekaihilgjjaipfilenojdi?hl=en-US
  • The app installation will begin, and you will see a spinning loading icon next to the name “Xhibit Flex Digital Signage”
  • Once the loading icon is gone and the app is installed, click the “Set to auto-launch” button:
Managing Kiosk Applications
  • Click "Done" to close the popup window
  • You can now close the Chrome browser and shut down or power off the Chrome OS device
4. Activate your device
Activate Auto-launch for Xhibit Flex
  • The app will continue loading, and then you will be presented with the activation screen:
Activation Screen
  • At this point, use another PC/Mac or mobile device and go to https://www.xhibitsignage.com/activate to complete the device activation form
  • The Mvix Technical Support team will review your activation details and set up your client account along with your device registration - this process is usually completed within 1 business day
  • The Mvix Technical Support team will review your activation details and set up your client account along with your device registration - this process is usually completed within 1 business day
5. Schedule Your Content
  • Your device setup is now complete, and you can access https://www.xhibitsignage.com using your account login credentials
  • Moving forward, you will use XhibitSignage to schedule and manage your devices and their playback content
  • Enjoy!


Problems, Questions, Corrections: If you have any further questions, problems, or corrections you would like to see made, please open a support ticket at www.mvixusa.com/support/

  • Connect the following components to your Chrome OS device:
    • USB keyboard and mouse
    • Ethernet network cable (highly recommended)
    • Power supply
  • On first boot, you will be greeted with a welcome screen and various additional steps (these may vary):
    • Wifi setup
    • Device updates
    • Accepting the Google terms and conditions
  • Proceed until you reach the Google Sign In page, then STOP on this page
  • On the sign in page, press CTRL+ALT+K on your keyboard to enable Automatic Kiosk Mode:
    • Power on your Chrome OS device, keeping the USB keyboard and mouse attached
    • During boot, the device will ask for approval to auto-launch the Xhibit Flex Digital Signage app - click “Confirm” to continue: