What Is Device Name (Alias)?

This is a description of how to change the device name (alias) of your players. You may want to change the alias of your devices in order to better organize and manage multiple players.

Entering Device Library

enter device library
  • On the main XhibitSignage.com page, hover over "DEVICES" and click on "DEVICE LIBRARY".

Finding Device

finding the device in device library
  • Once in the device library, click on the text circled in RED to begin editing the device name (alias) of that specific device.

Editing Device Alias

Selecting the Theme
  • After you have completed editing your device name (alias), you may hit "enter" or click on the green button circled in RED to change the alias of your device.

Seeing The New Alias

viewing device alias in schedule page
  • Now when you are in the "create a schedule" page, you may see the new device alias in the list of devices. The device list is circled in RED.



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