What are Zone Restrictions?

Zone Areas

What are Zones?

  • Zones are areas on a Template where content can be placed in.
  • You can place any Media Item or Playlist within a Zone on a Template as long as it is saved within your Media or Playlist Library.
Zone Restriction Screen

What are Zone Restrictions?

  • Zone Restriction occurs when you exceed the amount of On-screen zones for the device you are trying to publish the Template to.
  • See how many On-screen zones you may have per device here[1]
  • Once you have determined how many On-screen Zones are allotted to your device, return to your template library and edit that template to give it the corresponding zones allowed for the device you are trying to publish it to.

[1]Zone limit is dependent on the processing power of the Signage Player. Players with higher processing power will be able to handle more zones within a template. Zone limits on players cannot be changed to ensure optimal playback of content.

To increase the amount of zones displayed on your screen, contact your Solutions Consultant about devices that can handle additional zones.Please contact our solutions consultants at 866-310-4923 or fill out the contact form at http://www.mvixusa.com/contact/

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