How To Use The Stock Photos Widget

How To Use The Stock Photos Widget.

What You'll Need

  • An Xhibit signage device
  • CMS Application with supported feature package
  • Internet Connectivity

If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to learn how to use the Stock Photos widget.

The Stock Photos widget will pull images from the website

Clicking add media
  • On the home page, hover your mouse over the MEDIA menu and click on ADD MEDIA.
  • Once you are in ADD MEDIA, click on the LICENSED category and choose the STOCK PHOTOS widget.
choosing stock photos widget
choosing stock photos category
  • Once you click on the dropdown menu underneath the "STOCK PHOTOS" label, you have different sorting categories of content to choose from.
  • The Stock Photos widget will play a "playlist" of images based on the category you choose.
  • Choosing the "user" category highlighted in red will allow you to see a playlist of public images uploaded by a specific user.
  • Once this option is selected, you will be able to enter a specific username in the section highlighted in blue.
choosing custom user
transitions, image sizes, image numbers, durations, refreshing
Once you have selected your desired playlist, you have several options to customize your content in the section below the images.
  • The "Transition" box allows you to choose a transition between series of images.
  • The "Image Size" box allows you to filter images based on their image size.
  • The "No of Images" box allows you to choose how many images from the playlist will appear.
  • The "Duration" box allows you to choose how many seconds each image will appear for.
  • The "Refresh every" box allows you to choose how often the playlist will update its content.
  • Clicking the "advanced settings" button highlighted in red will give more options to filter your content.
  • In the "advanced settings" box to the right, you may include or exclude image categories that can appear within your playlist.
  • Examples of categories include uncategorized, celebrities, fashion, family, etc
advanced settings
preview and save
  • Once you have selected your desired playlist and made the necessary customizations, you may click on the "preview" button highlighted in red.
  • The "preview" button will show your slideslow in the "PREVIEW" box to the right.
  • After previewing your playlist, you may title your playlist below the "PREVIEW" box and save your content to your media library.



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