How do I use the Vimeo widget?

How do I use the Vimeo widget?

What You'll Need

  • An Xhibit signage device
  • CMS Application with supported feature package
  • Internet Connectivity

If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to learn how to use the Vimeo widget.

Welcome to the Vimeo widget Tutorial

  • To access the Vimeo widget, please navigate to the Add media page. While in the Add Media page click on your Web widget options. Please note the highlighted image.
  • To add a video from Vimeo, simply copy the specific vimeo video ID that is at the end of the specific videos URL link.
Choosing the profiles widget
Selecting the Theme
  • To transfer the selected video over the the CMS, paste the video ID in the space provided. To preview that video click on the preview button, and the video will preview to the right.
  • Save your video by adding a Name/Title, and press save to save to your Media Library.
Selecting the Data Source



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