How does Media Approval work?

The Media Approval feature allows Client Admins on your Xhibit Signage account to approve media that is uploaded by Client Users to be used in a playlist, template or a schedule. In the article, we will discuss where this feature is enabled, how to approve media, and what approving media means.

What You'll Need

  • An Xhibit signage device
  • CMS Application with supported feature package
  • Internet Connectivity

If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to learn how to use the Media Approval feature.

How to Enable Media Approval Feature

Client Feature Package
  • To enable the Media Approval feature, you will need to have this turned on at the account level.

  • This feature is already turned on for Signature Care clients by default, and can be added as a premium feature for other types of accounts.

How to Use the Media Approval Feature

  • Any Client User that uploads a file will require approval from a Client Admin before it is allowed to be used in a Playlist, Template, or a Schedule.

  • In the picture to the right, when you view your media library as a Client Admin, you will see a column where you can approve uploaded media from a Client User.
Media Library
Approve/Disapprove Media
  • To approve media that Client Users have uploaded, first make sure you are logged in as a Client Admin.

  • Once you have confirmed that you are logged in as a Client Admin, navigate to your Media Library where you will find a column with checks and "X's".

  • Click on the "X" to approve the media for use in a Playlist, Template, or Schedule.

  • Please note that you cannot disapprove any media that is already published in a Playlist, Template or Schedule.

This feature is available by default to Signature Support Clients. For more information about Media Approval feature or questions on adding this feature to your account, please contact our solutions consultants at 866-310-4923 or fill out the contact form at


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