Recommended Screen Sizes and Viewing Angles for Digital Signage


Screen Size & Distance

Choose the right screen

    • How far away is your audience going to be from the screen?
    • Choose the right sized screen for the best viewing experience.
    • When selecting your screen size the first thing that should be decided is how many feet away from the screen are you expecting the viewer to be?
    • The answer to that question will help you in choosing the right size for your screen.
    • A great example of this is shown here in the graphic.
    • A great example in the graphic is if your viewer is expected to be no more than 12 feet away from the screen then you would want to choose at the minimum a 48" screen.
    • However if you expect your viewer to be closer to the screen such as 6 feet away you would choose something smaller such as a 32" screen.
    Screen Size Distance from Screen
    32" 6 ft
    43" 10 ft
    48" 12 ft
    55" 16 ft
    65" 18 ft

View Angle

Considering Point Of View

  • Another thing you might want to consider when choosing your screen is the point of view from your client.
  • While we may think we have a larger view angle and ability to see more than what is in front of us, we are actually limited to only 20°.
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