How do I use the Twitter widget?

The twitter widget gives you the ability to add your twitter account and showcase different tweets that you have sent out or re-tweeted.


Setting up and using your Twitter Widget.

  • Your first step to adding your Twitter widget will be going into the Media section.
  • After you hover on the Media button in the media section you will want to click the add media button.
  • Your first step to adding your Twitter widget will be going into the add media section.
  • After you're in the add media section you will want to click on the social tab.
  • Once you're in the social tab you will want to click on the Twitter Icon..
  • The first step is where you will add your Twitter User ID shown by #1.
  • After you've added your ID you will then choose from one of the 5 themes listed under #2.
  • Here under #3 you can choose to edit how often xhibit checks your twitter account for new tweets. It is listed in minutes.
  • Lastly in this picture you can see #4, this item is used to let you decide how many tweets you want to showcase from your account.
Choosing the profiles widget
  • Here you can see #1, this is what your Twitter User ID would look like as an example.
  • Under #2 you can see the preview button, it will show you your tweets when using the default theme, and colors.
  • #3 show's you our twitter feed as an example when using the default theems and colors.
Selecting the Theme
  • Here you can choose to change up the color pallets for your twitter widget.
  • You can see the advanced settings button under #1.
Selecting the Data Source
  • Once inside the Adavanced Settings for the Twitter widget you have multiple different things you can change.
  • Under #1 you can see we have several options for coloring the twitter widget as shown in #2.
  • We can change the coloring on the twitter widget for the Title, Twitter Handle, Twitter Time, Tweet Text Color, Tweet Text link, and even the overall Background color.
  • In #3 you can change the Font Type for the Twitter widget, this will show a live change in #2.
  • In section #4 you can change the transitions for the Twitter Tweets.
  • In section #5 you can change the transition speed for the Twitter tweets for your chosen transition.
  • Section #6 allows you to save all of your changes to your Twitter widget.
Selecting the Data Source
  • In section #1 this is where you can preview all your changes made from the last step.
  • Section #2 shows you all the changes you've made to your Twitter widget.
  • Section #3 is where you will add a name/title for your Twitter widget.
  • The final step for the twitter widget is #4 where you will now save your widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Hashtags?
    • The Twitter Widget does not support hashtag usage.
  • Do i need a password to use my Twitter User name?
    • You do not need to use your password to sign in with your Twitter Username to use the Twitter Widget.
  • Does the widget scale inside my template or on my screen?
    • Yes the Twitter widget does scale to fit the zone in your screen.
  • Can I show mentions?
    • The Twitter Widget does not support mentions.



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