Template Setting "Zoom to Fit"

How to use Zoom To Fit for Video's or Pictures

Getting Started

  • The first step is creating your Template.
  • In order to create your Template you will need to go to the Templates Tab then click the Create Template button.
Choosing the profiles widget
  • After you've created your template you will want to add a photo or video (file zone) to your template.
  • After adding your zone you will want to choose the content you want to display and zoom (photo or videos).
  • After you've added your content to the zone, you will want to make that zone fill a portion of, or all of the template with a zone larger than the resolution of the selected content.
Selecting the Theme
  • From here you will want to go down to the little icon that resembles a gear.
  • When you hover over the gear you will notice that the gear says settings this will open the zone settings for this specific zone.
Selecting the Data Source
  • Once inside the zone settings window you will notice a variety of zone options.
  • From these settings you will look for the Zoom content to fit zone button.
  • You will want to toggle this icon in order for the image to fill the zone.
  • If you notice there is a i icon next to the words Zoom content to fit zone, this icon can open up as shown in the image below.
  • Here you can see Zoom content to fit zone explanation.
  • As stated in the pop up box there are two different behaviors possible with content, the standard behavior showing the original resolution, and the Zoom to Fit behavior which enhances the picture to fill the zone.
Adding to your media library
  • Here we can see the zoom to fit function fully utilizing the full size of the template zone.
  • This is how your image will appear on your screen when you have utilized the zoom to fit function.
Adding to your media library



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