How do I edit Images in my Media Library?

The Image Editor feature within Xhibit Signage allows you to edit already uploaded images. Find out how to do so below.

Image Editor

  • Once you have saved the image that you want to edit to your Media Library, navigate to your already saved image and click the edit button.
Edit Image in Media Library
  • Clicking on the edit button will take you to the Edit Media page.
  • Underneath the image in the preview pane, click on the pencil button which will take you to the Image editor for the image.
Editing the Image
  • Once you are on the Image Editor window, you may now edit the image to your liking with the given options above the image. When making any changes to the image, make sure to click apply before going back to the editor main menu
  • When editing the image, keep in mind that once you apply the customization's, you cannot remove or edit them any further, they are final. If you want to remove those edits, you will have to start over again.
  • After completing your customization of the Photo/Image, you will now want to save the image to your media library. You have 2 options in doing this, saving this edited image as a separate image or overwriting the currently saved image.
  • Check the Save Original Image check box if you would like to save this image as a separate copy, leave it unchecked to overwrite the originally saved image in your Media Library.
  • Please keep in mind, that when editing a photo in a playlist, and saving it as a separate copy, make sure to replace that image in the playlist.
Photo Editor
  • If you choose to save an original copy of the image, you will be redirected to the Edit Media page with the newly customized image and the option to give it a new name/title.
  • The original Image should appear as the same name that it was saved as to your media library.
  • When choosing to overwrite the original image, the customization's will be added to the photo and you can simply hit save to apply to the image in the media library.
  • Keep in mind, when editing any existing images in a playlist, to replace them if you choose to create a separate copy of that image after editing.
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