How to Display a Google Calendar in Xhibit Signage?

While we do offer the Events Widget to organize and pull your information, we also allow direct display of your Google Calendars. This is a great way to show what you have coming up!


How to add Google Docs

Locate your Google Calendar

  • The first thing that you will want to do is locate the calendar that you want to integrate. Once you have done so, hover your mouse over the calendar of your choice and click on the caret down or triangle icon.
caret down
  • Once you click on the caret down icon, a menu will pop-up with options. You will want to locate the Calendar settings option and click on this.
Choosing the profiles widget
  • In the calendar settings, you will want to find the option to "Embed This Calendar."
  • Copy the code that is located under the "Paste this code into your website" text.
Selecting the Theme
  • In the previous screenshot, if you click on the "Customize the color,size, and other options" text, this will allow you to edit and customize how the calendar looks.
Selecting the Data Source
  • Once you have copied the embed code for the calendar of your choice, you will want to navigate to, then the Add Media page, and then the HTML/Rich Text Media Item.
Navigate to HTMl/Rich Text Media Item
  • Paste the embed code in the HTML Text - Plain Text field.
  • Preview the calendar to ensure functionality.
  • If the preview is to your preference, save this instance of the HTML/Rich Text Media Item to your Media Library for use in Playlists, Templates, or Schedules!
Preview, Save, then Publish



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