How Do I Use The Cap Alerts Feature?

The CAP Alert Feature can be used to notify individuals varying from students, to building occupants, and visitors in emergency situations. 


Adding CAP Alert Media

  • In order to add your CAP Alert Widget you will first need to hover over the Media tab.
  • Then you will need to click on the Add Media Button.
  • Then once in the Add Media section you will need to click on the Premium Tab.
  • Then you will need to click on the Triangle Icon with a Exclamation point inside.
Choosing the profiles widget
  • After that you will need to click on the Cap Alert Button.
  • Then you will enter your CAP Alert URL.
  • Lastly you will Enter a Name/Title, then Click the Save button.
Selecting the Theme
  • After you have saved your Cap Alert Media you will now want to publish it to your devices.
  • To do this you will first Hover over the Devices Tab.
  • Then you will want to click on the Device Library Button..
Selecting the Data Source
  • Now that you are in your device library you will want to locate the button that looks like a Cap.
  • After you have located it you will then click on the Cap Icon which will open your Cap Alert Widget.
Selecting your Current Items
  • Once the Cap Alert Widget has been opened you will have the option to check the Select all devices Check box.
  • You can alternativly decide to select Individual devices rather than all devices. The reason for this choice would be if you happened to have devices in different locations and wish to assign location specific Cap Alerts.
  • After you have chosen all or some of your devices you will now click the Proceed button to assign your specified Cap Alert.
  • Now that you have chosen your devices you will click on the Pencil Icon in order to choose your Published Cap Alert Media.
  • After you have selected your Cap Alert Media you will now enter your Client Admin Password in order to Enable Cap Alerts to your specific devices.
Adding to your media library
  • Now that you have Enabled Cap Alerts on your devices when a Cap Alert in conjunction with your chosen alert media is published it will take over your screen until the Cap Alert has passed.
  • This is what your screen could look like when Cap Alerts are active.



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