How do I add Fonts?

If you would like to import a Font from Google Fonts to use on your Digital Signage Displays, you can do so by adding them to your Font Library. In this article, we will go over how to add fonts to your Font Library. 

Navigate to Font Library Page

Select Font Library Page
  • Hover your mouse over the Media Menu then click on the Font Library Page
  • On the Font Library Page, move your attention to the top right of the page and click on the Add Font button to add a Font.
Choosing the profiles widget
Selecting the Theme
  • Once you have clicked on the Add Font button, fields will appear where you can enter the Font Name and Font Weight.
  • Make sure when entering the Font Name, to enter it verbatim as it is typed in Google Fonts.
  • In a new tab on your Web Browser, enter in the Address bar to navigate to the Google Fonts page and locate the font of your desire.
Submit Button
Submit Button
  • Once you have entered the font name in Font Name field, and edited the Font weight to your preference, hit the Submit button and this Font will be saved to your Font Library and readily available for applicable widgets within the CMS!



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