How Do I Publish or Unpublish a Template as a Sign?

After you've created and edited a template to your liking, the next step will be to publish that template as a sign. The following knowledgebase article explains how to publish a template as a sign.

What You'll Need

  • SignageCreator account
  • Internet Connectivity

Publishing a Template as a Sign

  • Once you have saved your template navigate to the Templates page and locate the template that you want to publish. Then click the Publish button that looks like a shopping cart. 
  • A window will pop-up showing all of the templates that you have already published and a slot that you can publish to. 
  • Hover your mouse over the empty slot that reads "Publish Here"
  • When you do so, a tool tip should appear allowing you to "Assign"
xhibit signage adding content
  • Once you have clicked on the "Assign" button. The confirmation pop-up will let you know that the Template was successfully published.
  • Now this template is ready to publish to a device!
  • If you click on Continue, it should take you to your "My Signs" page which will list all your Published signs.
  • The Web URL button allows you to preview the template full screen in another tab.

Unpublishing a Template/Freeing up a Slot

Unpublish Template Button
  • Next to the Web URL button is the Unpublish Template button.
  • You can click it to free up a Slot/Sign for another template
  • Once you have clicked on the Publish button for a template, on the "Publish Template to a Sign" window, hover your mouse over an existing Slot/Sign and the "Unpublish Template Button" will appear.

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