How do I use the Webpage widget?

How do I use the Webpage widget?

The Webpage widget allows you to display a static Webpage on your Xhibit Signage device.

Using the Webpage Widget

xhibit signage adding content
  • In your XhibitSigange Dashboard, go to the "Add Media" page.
  • On the "Add Media" page, click on the "Web" tab.
xhibit signage adding content
xhibit signage adding content
  • Click on the Webpage widget icon
  • Enter the Web Page Url Link for the Webpage that you would like to display
xhibit signage adding content
xhibit signage adding content
  • The Allow Scrolling option allows you to scroll on the webpage for Touch Devices or while plugging in a mouse to your device.

  • The Parameterized post feature allows you to pass additional query strings along with your web url. Query strings are extra bits of information - sent as key/value pairs - that get submitted to a server when requesting a page. This extra information is often used to create custom pages or protect a page with login credentials.

    Any query strings should be provided in the key=value format, with each new pair separated by &

    example: date=today&name=tom&results=100
  • Once you have chosen and customized the Webpage widget to your liking, give this widget a name and save it to your media library for use in playlists, templates, or schedules!
xhibit signage adding content

Things to Note:

If the Web URL doesn't preview, schedule the Web URL to your device as a test. Due to security reasons, the Web URL may not preview on the CMS. The Web URL preview is not always exact due to this security, so if content doesn't preview this doesn't mean it doesn't work.

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