How Do I use the HTML/Rich Text widget?

How do I use the HTML/Rich Text widget?

The HTML/Rich Text widget allows you to display formatted HTML code or Static Text on your Xhibit Signage device.

What You'll Need

  • Mvix Xhibit
  • CMS Application with supported feature package
  • Internet Connectivity

If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to add these options to a template.

Using the HTML/Rich Text Widget

xhibit signage adding content
  • In your XhibitSigange Dashboard, go to the "Add Media" page.
  • On the "Add Media" page, click on the "General" tab.
xhibit signage adding content
xhibit signage adding content
  • Click on the HTML/Rich Text widget icon
  • Choose the Plain Text option to paste HTML code into or the Rich Text option to type in content to show as static text
xhibit signage adding content
xhibit signage adding content
  • The Rich Text option looks just like any word editor, for example Microsoft Word, where you can edit the alignment, font, and color of text.
  • This section allows you to add HTML, CSS and JS content individually. If you decide to use this option, HTML is required and CSS/JS are optional. This section is intended for advanced users, web developers or for use with third party code.
  • Additionally, you can change the color palette of the code editor by changing the Theme from the drop down menu.
xhibit signage adding content
Adding to your media library
  • Once you have chosen and customized the HTML/Rich Text widget to your liking, give this widget a name and save it to your media library for use in playlists, templates, or schedules!

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