How Do I use the HTML/Rich Text widget?

How do I use the HTML/Rich Text widget?

The HTML/Rich Text widget allows you to display formatted HTML code or Static Text on your Xhibit Signage device.

Using the HTML/Rich Text Widget

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  • In your XhibitSigange Dashboard, go to the "Add Media" page. Select the Web tab.
  • Click on the HTML/Rich Text widget icon

Quick Start

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  • Quick Start gives you the option to begin with a pre-organized widget and skeleton to work with. Perfect for people who are not familiar with coding but are interested in playing with it.


  • Code is the section you will use for the majority of your HTML/Rich Text needs, as it is where you can directly input your code.
  • Choose the Plain Text option to paste HTML code into or the Rich Text option to type in content to show as static text
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  • The Rich Text option looks just like any word editor, for example Microsoft Word, where you can edit the alignment, font, and color of text.
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  • The "HTML-CSS" section allows you to add HTML, CSS and JS content individually. If you decide to use this option, HTML is required and CSS/JS are optional. This section is intended for advanced users, web developers or for use with third party code.
  • Additionally, you can change the color palette of the code editor by changing the Theme from the drop down menu.
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  • Use the Package drop zone to upload pre-configured files utilizing HTML
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  • Once you have chosen and customized the HTML/Rich Text widget to your liking, give this widget a name and save it to your media library for use in playlists, templates, or schedules!

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