What are Smart Playlists?

Smart Playlists are a feature of XhibitSignage that allow you to quickly assemble playlists from your media library by means of the tags associated with the media. This article will provide an overview of how to use Smart Playlists.

Creating a Smart Playlist

Adding tags
  • Edit your media files in your media library to add relevant tags

  • These tags will be utilized to help you populate a Smart Playlist
  • Click on the "Smart Playlists" option under the "Playlists" menu bar to begin creating a "Smart Playlist"
Selecting Smart Playlists
Making a Smart Playlist
  1. Enter a tag that is associated with one or more of your media files.
  2. Clicking on "BUILD PLAYLIST" will automatically form a playlist from all media files matching that tag.
  3. Note: tag selection is an all-or-nothing selection. You cannot remove a file that is associated with a specific tag, it matches ALL media with the term(tag) specified. You can however toggle "Exact Match", which will only enable media with exactly the specified tags to populate the playlist. 

  4. Each item will also show currently-assigned tags in the list along the bottom, this will allow you to see the associated tags with a collection.

  • If you attempt to upload a file with a tag that is currently being used in a smart playlist, a modal will appear to warn you of this. This is to prevent you from unknowingly publishing content just by uploading it.

Additional Information

  • In the picture to the right, the "Collections" Section shows all current tag 'collections'

  • A collection is 1 or more tag(s) groupted together with an AND selector relationship.(Media must have ALL of those tags to be matched/shown)

  • Relationship between Collections is specified by the "OR" text at the very end of that line.(Example in the picture is: (birds AND animals) OR (conference AND event) OR (baseball AND sports)

  • The text that is under the Smart Playlist heading is the tag cloud, which shows the top 50 most used tags on your account.(Note: these are not links)

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