How Do I Upload Media Content from a URL?

If you are going to be uploading media from a separate file server remotely or from a local hosted content, you do not need to first upload it to XhibitSignage in order to schedule it to your device. You will only need the URL of the file which you would like to schedule. You can verify that the media URL is correct by placing the URL in your browser's address bar and verifying that only the media appears without any sort of HTML border/helper site.

Adding Media

xhibit signage adding content
  • Log into and look for the "Media" tab near the top menu bar. Hover your mouse over the tab and click "Add Media" from the drop-down menu.
  • We'll begin first with Media. Click "File From Web URL" and place the URL for your remote file in the "Media File URL" field. The next step is to type a title for your content in the "Title" field on the right.
  • Below, you can categorize this file by adding it to an existing Media Group. Begin by typing a name of the group to select it, or you can create a new group by simply typing a name in the same field. You can also optionally add tags for each file you upload by typing them into the "Tags" field to the right (separate tags with commas).
xhibit signage adding content
xhibit signage adding content
  • Once you have filled in the required fields, the last step is to click the "Save" button below. This will upload the link and place it in your Media Library. You can now use this link as if it were a normal media file for any part of the CMS.
  • Different variety of media types are supported, but for best compatibility, using JPG & PNG for images and MP4 for videos is optimal.
  • Previewing may not work correctly if the file is located on a local server that the Xhibit-based devices can see, but the computer doing the scheduling cannot.

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