How do I request training?

Training Information


We offer personalized training to our customers through a phone and web presentation. The personalized training session includes a 1-hr guided tour of our signage software, along with an interactive Q&A (time permitting). This training will not only provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire CMS system, but can also help to answer specific questions regarding your project.

Additional information on these training sessions may be found here.

Typically, one to two hours of the training session is sufficient for most users. However, you can choose to sign up for as many hours of training as you desire.

All training sessions are invoiced to the client. Once the invoice is paid, our training consultant will email to schedule the training session with you. On the day of training, the consultant will email you a webinar link - through which he/she can share the screen and walk you through the entire application in real-time. The consultant will call you at the scheduled time at the phone number on file for an interactive training session.

All training times provided are US Eastern Standard Time.

If you are interested in signing up for a training session, please click here.