How do I install and connect my Xhibit with video input?

How do I install and connect my Xhibit with video input?

Your Xhibit with video input allows you to connect an external video source and use it within your digital signage. This includes devices such as a cable/satellite set top box, DVD player, or camcorder.

Please note the following technical requirements before you get started:
  • The video source must be progressive scan content - i.e. 480p/720p/1080p.
    Interlaced content such as 1080i is not supported.
  • Content which is HDCP protected such as blu-ray players or cable set top boxes are not compatible over HDMI.
    You must use a component cable to connect these types of devices.

What You'll Need

  • Xhibit with video input
  • Component cable + adapter, HDMI cable, or DVI cable
  • Other video source such as a DVD player, camcorder or cable/satellite box

Connecting to your Device

  • You should install or position your Xhibit with video input so that all cables can be reached from your power, display, video source and network as necessary.
  • Next, connect your Xhibit with video input to AC power (red) and your display (green HDMI OUT). At this time, you should also connect your device to the network if you are using an ethernet connection. These instructions should be followed from the quick start guide included in your shipment.
  • Now you may connect your video source such as a cable box, DVD player or camcorder using one of the following connections:
    • Component IN (green), using the component cable adapter - see below
    • DVI IN (orange)
    • HDMI IN (blue)
      • Please note that you must use the HDMI cable included in your shipment for HDMI video input devices.
  • If you are connecting a device using a component cable, you will need to use the component adapter (pictured right). This is included with your device shipment in an accessories box.
xhibit wifi setup
After all of your connections are completed, you can proceed to create your video input content on Please see this article for the next required steps:

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