How Do I Switch Audio Outputs on My Xhibit Device?

The Xhibit can play audio through a variety of different outputs depending on your configuration. By default, it will output audio through the HDMI connection (which also plays video). However, the device also supports 3.5mm analog stereo and 5.1 surround sound, as well as optical audio. These changes can be made quickly, easily, and without the need for an internet connection. The following knowledgebase article explains how to switch audio outputs on your Xhibit device in a few easy steps.

Selecting Audio Output

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  • Attach a USB mouse and keyboard to any spare USB ports on the back of your Xhibit device.
  • There is 30 seconds before any content shows up on the device.
  • Before the content displays, click and hold the sound icon and navigate to "Sound Settings" under the volume slider. This will launch the Xhibit Sound Settings window.
  • From the sound settings window, locate the OUTPUT tab on the far left - this will show a list of available audio outputs. Among them, you will see HDMI, Digital Output (S/PDIF), Headphones, Analog Output.
  • Select the appropriate output depending on your current configuration. If you need the optical connection, select "Digital Output (S/PDIF)". For surround sound, select "Analog Output."
  • Once you've selected the appropriate audio output it will automatically save at that point.
  • It is recommended to test the sound before you exit the settings menu just to make sure everything is in proper working order.
  • Click the X button in the sound settings menu to close the window when you are finished with the configuration.
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Re-Displaying Your Content

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  • The last step is to re-launch your media.
  • Press and hold Alt + Tab and navigate back to Google Chrome and your media will show up in a jiffy!

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