How Do I Use The Events Widget?

Using the Events Widget

The Events Widget is great for keeping track of deadlines, corporate events, birthdays, and other calendar elements. This article will teach you how to use the Events Widget on XhibitSignage.

  • To begin, choose the theme your events will be displayed in.
  • Once you have selected a Theme, you will need to choose how to get the data for your events into the widget. We have several options to do this.

    1. Google Docs

    2. Import File

    3. Web Feed

    4. Inline Editor

Google Docs

  • Copy and paste the URL of your desired Google Calendar into the field. If you are importing multiple calendar files, separate them with a comma. Click on the preview button to see if the file is pulling data correctly.

Import Files

  • Click on the "Select File" button to begin navigating your file system to find the correct file to import. Once you have the correct file, preview the file to test if it pulls the data correctly.

Web Feed

  • As with the Google Docs import process, simply copy and paste the URL for your desired Web Feed. Click preview to see if the data is being pulled correctly.

Inline Editor

  • Click on "Inline Editor"
  • A new window will appear with text zones. Enter a title, a description of the event, the start and end time of the event, and the location of the event.

Once you have selected the content of your widget, you will need to select the date range you would like the widget to pull from.


  • Use the automatic date to pull all data in the given calendar that is within the specified range in the dropdown.


  • Use manual to manage the coverage of items pulled in a more minute manner, allowing for management of both date range and time span down to seconds.

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