How Do I Upload a Transparent Image to my Template?

After you've browsed the library of templates on Signage Creator and begun editing one, you may wish to incorporate a transparent image into your design. This could be useful as a background, or for any rounded icons that don't fit a traditional square frame. Signage Creator allows you to accomplish this by using a transparent PNG image format. The following knowledgebase article explains how to upload a transparent image (in PNG format) to your SignageCreator template.

  • SignageCreator CMS account
  • Mvix Andros
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Transparent PNG image to upload

If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to upload a transparent image to your template.


Uploading a Transparent PNG to your Template

  • Log into an d find the template you wish to edit. Then, your mouse over it and a small group of 3 icons will appear - click the center icon labeled "Edit and Customize". This will launch the template editor in a new tab in your browser - make sure your browser is configured to allow popups, otherwise the template editor may not launch.
  • In your template editor window, you'll now see the template you selected as well as a top row of icons and a sidebar of settings and layers on the right. In the top row, click the "image" icon to create a new image layer.
  • Once the image layer has been created, click the section on the right side called SETTINGS to expand it. Then click the option called UPLOAD NEW IMAGE.
  • This will launch a standard file browser where you can then navigate on your PC and locate the desired PNG image you would like to upload. Click "Open" once you've located your image and it will be added to your image library.
  • Once you've uploaded your PNG, you can now add it to your image layer by clicking IMAGE LIBRARY on the right side.
  • This will launch a small window where you browse through your image library and select your desired PNG. Position it as needed within your template, and click SAVE in the upper toolbar when finished.
xhibit signage adding content
  • If you do not have the required software to create a PNG, or do not feel comfortable performing these steps, Mvix offers professional design services to have this done for you.
  • Our team of graphic designers can create any number of transparent PNG images or custom backgrounds to be used with your template. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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