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How Do I integrate Signage Creator with iCatSignage?

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2014 10:11AM EDT

How Do I integrate Signage Creator with iCatSignage?

One of the many advantages of using BrandSignage is its seamless integration with existing Content Management Systems. If you already have an iCatSignage account, you can use the two in conjunction to edit and publish out templates to your Ceeno / Ceeno+ devices directly from within BrandSignage. The following knowledgebase article explains how to setup this configuration.

What You'll Need

  • Signage Creator CMS Account
  • iCatSigange CMS Account
  • Internet Connectivity
If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to integrate a Signage Creator template with iCatSignage.

Adding a Signage Creator Template to an iCatSignage schedule

  • Login to your account and click on TEMPLATES in the upper right corner.
  • From your template library, select the template you wish to display in your iCatSignage schedule and hover your mouse over it. You'll see a small window appear with several options - click on IMAGE LINK.
  • This will open the template full-size in a new tab. From here, simply highlight the URL and copy it.
  • Now, open a new tab and login to your iCatSignage account and click on the MEDIA LIBARY tab.
  • From here, click the ADD MEDIA icon in the upper right corner.
  • A new window will appear where we'll upload our BrandSigange template.
  • First make sure the HTTP tab currently selected. Next, move into the URL field and paste the template URL link that was copied earlier from BrandSignage.
  • Now look to the end of the URL link that was pasted in the URL - and find the file name (it will be after the last forward slash - ex:
  • Highlight the file name with extension, copy it, and remove it from the recently pasted URL. Now, paste this below in the FILE NAME field. Type a name for your image in the ALTERNATE NAME field, and then click SAVE to finalize.
  • Now click the SCHEDULE tab near the top menu bar, find the schedule you'd like to add your template to, and click EDIT.
  • In the schedule editor, locate the BrandSignage image from your media library box and add it your schedule.
  • Once the image is added to a schedule, make sure to check the RELOAD box next to each BrandSignage image. Save your schedule when finished.
  • Next, click the PLAYER tab in the top menu bar and from the column on the left, click the player you wish to publish to. Next to the player name will be a 10-digit iCat ID - record this, as we'll need it shortly.

Pairing a Device to BrandSignage

  • Go back to BrandSignage and locate the template you chose earlier. Now click the ASSIGN DEVICE button right above the template, and a window will pop down where you can now enter the 10-digit iCat ID you just copied. Type in the ID and click ASSIGN to finalize. You can now publish directly this template directly to that device.

Publishing a Template

  • Now that the device has been paired to the template, you can publish it by simply clicking the PUBLISH NOW button above the template.
  • The device will then be updated with your new template within the next 5 minutes.

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