How do I use the Video Input feature?

If you purchased an Xhibit with the Video Input feature, you will have the ability to add Video Input zones through the CMS. This knowledgebase article explains how to create and configure these types of zones.

Video Input Zone - Creation and Options

After logging into your account, hover over the media tab and 1) click add media, then 2) click the 'Premium' tab, and then 3) select the Video Input widget. Next, move through the bold sections below, making sure to set the appropriate values.
xhibit signage adding content

On the Video Input tab, there are multiple options to configure, as follows:
  1. Device Input - Should not be changed from the default value of "/dev/video0" unless directed by Mvix support staff
  2. Input Type - Should be selected to match your source video feed to the Xhibit (HDMI, component or DVI video)
  3. Ratio - Match the aspect ratio of your source video feed connected to the Xhibit (16:9, 4:3, 3:2)
  4. Source Width & Source Height - Match the pixel dimensions of the source video feed (ex. 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480, etc)
  5. Audio - Enables/disables audio capture along with the video input source

Once you have made the appropriate adjustments, name the file and 4) click "Save" in order to add it to your library. After it has been added, you may add it as a zone to your templates.

NOTE: The video input module is only compatible with progressive scan content - i.e. 720P, 1080P.


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