How do I create a playlist in VizonSignage?

Creating, Modifying, and Deleting a Playlist


How Do I Create a Playlist on

Once you have created a template, you'll then want to make a playlist. Playlists control the actual content assigned to each zone in your template. Whenever a playlist is made, it is paired to a template, and then populated with files from your media library. The following knowledgebase article explains how to create a playlist in just a few quick steps.

What You'll Need

  • Mvix Vizon player
  • Internet connectivity
  • Media files (already uploaded to your media library)

If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to configure your playlist.

  • Login to your account at, and once the dashboard page loads, click on "Templates".
  • You will then be taken to your template library page. Here you can create, edit, or delete Templates.
  • This is your playlist dashboard page, you will create, edit, and delete your playlist here
  • Click on the large green button labeled "ADD NEW" to begin creating a new playlist.
  • The next step will be configuring your playlists' attributes
  • This dialog guides you through setting your new playlist attributes.
  • First, choose a name for your playlist
  • Next, pair a template with your playlist by choosing one from the dropdown menu (NOTE: you should already have your template created ahead of time).
  • Finally, you may optionally add a brief description for your playlist.
  • Once the playlist attributes are set, it should resemble the sample shown on the left. Click to enlarge
  • Next, you are ready to populate your playlist with content.
  • Each zone of your template will now be assigned one or more pieces of content.
  • The navigation bar above above the playlist will show an icon for each zone you have. To assign content to each: 1) click on the zone icon, 2) click on the large green button labeled ADD IMAGE or ADD VIDEO depending on the zone being edited.
  • Populating the logo zone is same as populating an image zone, except you only assign one image instead of multiple images like normal image zones.
  • You can populate a text zone only one of two ways:
  • 1) You can use an RSS feed from the internet OR
  • 2) You can also type out your text in the provided space, and it will behave like a normal RSS feed.
  • You may also set the font size, font color, background color, scroll speed, orientation, etc.
  • This dialog window (your media library) comes up once you are ready to populate an image zone with content.
  • You may select as many images as you like from this list to populate a particular image zone
  • NOTE: You must click OK before you select more files from the second page in the media library (assuming you have multiple pages worth of content to choose from)
  • Once you click OK in the above step, you'll get a chance to view all the items assigned to a particular zone.
  • You are also allowed to modify the order in which the content plays, transitions between adjacent media, and the duration each media item spends time on the screen. Additionally, you may also choose to delete a particular item.
  • Remember to click on PUBLISH when done to finalize the playlist. It MUST be published before it can be assigned to a schedule.
  • If you ever need to adjust the transitions between consecutive media, you may click on the transitions icon corresponding to the particular media, and then select or change your transition.
  • To the left is a finished playlist. Note the green icon under the PUBLISHED column.
  • You can preview your finished playlist by clicking magnifying icon on the far right side.

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