How do I identify and troubleshoot networking issues on Xhibit Device?

How do I identify and troubleshoot networking issues on Xhibit Device?

Mvix Xhibit digital signage device is designed to work with most networking configurations, but sometimes certain factors in a network environment can prevent Xhibit from getting online.
If your device is having trouble connecting to the internet to display content, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

What You Will Need:
  • USB Mouse and keyboard
  • Mvix Xhibit Device

Run the Network diagnostic located in the launcher on the left-hand side of your screen.
If you cannot see the launcher or the network diagnostic icon, press ALT+F2 to unhide it.
This network diagnostic will tell you exactly where your device is failing to connect to the internet.

Set your Xhibit up to run off a Static IP Address.
This will eliminate problems with DHCP that your device or network may be having.
Click here for instructions on setting up static IP on your Mvix Xhibit signage player

Whitelist the device's MAC address on your firewall.
Sometimes, corporate firewalls may block the device's access to the internet in general, or to our specific web services (XhibitSignage content management system - CMS). To troubleshoot this issue, you will need to create an exception in your firewall to allow the Mvix Xhibit system to connect freely to our CMS web-server. You may do so by whitelisting the device's MAC address. The MAC address for both the ethernet and wireless adapters are found on a printed label on the device.

Open ports in your firewall.
You will also want to open specific ports in your firewall to ensure that your device has full access to our digital signage systems and for uninterrupted access to the web.
Opening Ports on Firewalls

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