Commercial vs. Consumer LCD Display's

Consumer Grade Displays:

These displays are intended for moderate use (6-8 hours per day) and are designed to occupy as small an area as possible. If there isn’t enough space and ventilation, this often increases the thermal stress on all electronic components, which shortens the operational life of the product. Consumer products normally use what is known as “TV grade” LCD modules.

The specifications and quality are lowered for this type of product in the following areas:
  • Brightness and color uniformity
  • Higher brightness / shorter life
  • Higher color gamut / shorter life
  • All plastic cabinet with limited ventilation
  • Lower initial cost, but sacrificed performance, quality, and reliability
  • Not designed for long hours of operation or a wide range of temperature environments
  • Susceptible to image retention
  • Dead pixels (both on and off)
  • Not designed for portrait mode
  • 90 day commercial warranty (1 year consumer)

Commercial / Enterprise Grade LCD Displays:

These displays are specially designed for commercial applications that require long, continuous hours of operation and include unique features to minimize the total cost of ownership. Commercial grade products are designed to work for long, extended periods of time. To accomplish this, we have additional ventilation, cooling fans, and heat sensors that reduces the temperature in the chassis. These displays use “A” grade LCD module glass with tighter specifications and have additional specifications, such as:
  • Built for 24/7/365 operation and a wider range of temperatures
  • Designed for horizontal or vertical orientation and tiling
  • Wider variety of inputs such as HDMI, YPbPr and VGA
  • Longer standard warranty period
  • Combination plastic / metal housing for reinforced stability
  • Cabinet color and surface feature an unobtrusive, minimalist design
  • Designed for functionality in mind


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