What is the Tagging Function and How Does It Work in Xhibit Signage?

What is tagging, and what can I do with it?

The tagging function in Xhibit Signage is designed to improve search results for media by using any number of words or 'tags' associated with that content. Users can filter their media library to show only those files that have been tagged with that term, or multiple terms if desired. This method of categorizing is very similar to Groups, except that more than one tag can be applied to a file.

xhibit signage adding content
  • Tags are first applied when uploading files, and can then be changed later at anytime by editing that particular file.
  • First, login to your Xhibit account, hover your mouse over "Media" tab and click "Add Media" to begin uploading content. Choose your selected file to upload and once it has been added, move to the bottom right corner where the "tag" field can be seen.
  • Type any desired tags in the "tag" field shown. Make sure to separate tags with a comma. These could be any terms you would intuitively associate with this media. The idea is that later, you can search for 1 or 2 or even 3 words, and any media containing the "tags" will be shown. This provides for a granular level of control over search results.
  • Click "save" when finished to upload your file with the chosen tag(s). This file will now be searchable by these terms.
xhibit signage adding content
  • Once a media file has been tagged with a particular term, you can then search for this term in the searchbar near the top of the account page. Click the magnifying icon in the top next to your username.
  • A dropdown menu will appear where you can enter your tag(s), as well as optionally restrict the search to media, playlists, schedules, etc. Click enter and the search will then execute.
  • The search results will appear below as expandable tabs - each pertaining to a different section of your account. The number in brackets next to each section indicates the number of matched items.
  • As well as the search function, you can further manage you tags via the "Tag Library" page, under the drop don menu on the top left of your Xhibit Signage page.
  • From this page, you can edit the tags you have created, make new ones, change the color of the tag, and check to see how many items (media, devices, groups, etc.) the tags are applied to.

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