How Do I Assign Role-Based Administration in Xhibit Signage? has only 2 types of users.

  • Each account/client has by default a client admin - the account administrator. The default client admin is created by Mvix along with the account. The client admin can upload/delete/create anything except devices. Moreover, the default client admin can create additional client administrators as well as client users, as admins have no limits on permissions.
  • Client users are similar to client administrators, except with limits on permissions. For example, a client user could be limited to only publishing schedules and would be unable to upload/delete files or create playlists. Alternatively, a client user could be limited to handle only one of many devices, or a only a select group of media files. By default client users do not have any permissions enabled and cannot access any parts of Xhibit Signage.
  • To create a new client user, log on to your account and navigate to the "Users" page via the drop down menu on the top left of your page. Once on the "Users" page, hover your mouse over the + icon near the top that reads "Add New User" and click it.
  • Next, complete the required fields, and make sure to select "Client User" from the User Type dropdown. Only client users can be assigned permissions.
  • Click "Save" when finished to create the new client user, and you will then see it listed among your other users. Client users will be shown with a "lock" icon next to the name.
  •  Before assigning permissions, you must first make sure the appropriate group has been created and that files have been placed into that group. For example if we wish to see our current media groups, hover your mouse over Media and click "Media Groups".
  • You can drag and drop files into any particular group you want, or create a new group by clicking "Add Group". If by accident you delete a group, you need not worry, because all the data in the group falls back into the media library.
  • Once you have verified the group exists and contains content, proceed to the next step.
  • Once the group has been verified, return to the Accounts tab and find the appropriate client user. Click on the green lock icon above the client user's email to open the permissions page.
xhibit signage adding content
xhibit signage adding content
  • The permissions page will allow you assign that user access to any number of groups in each category. First, click the desired category from the left column, and then choose to allow or disallow access to that section by checking "Allow". If "allow" is checked, you will then see all available groups within that section,  and the scope of their privileges shown in the right two columns.
  • Move down the list and check any groups you would like to allow this user to access. Once you check a group, make sure to turn ON of OFF the appropriate access. The first column is read+use only, and the second column allows for read+use+create abilities.
  • Once you have assigned the desired permissions, make sure to click "save" in the top right corner to finalize your changes and apply the permissions.

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