How do I configure Mvix Ceeno+ to work with Web-Portal

iCatSignage is a free, web-based content administration tool that allows Mvix Ceeno+ Signage users to manage and control their content remotely, using any standard web-browser. This free application is hosted by Mvix on its own servers and is provided as a service to all users of Mvix Ceeno+ Digital Signage System. Using iCatSignage, digital signage administrators can upload, update, scheduling, startup, storage, monitoring, and even reboot of devices from any remote location.

The following instructions provide step-by-step directions for setting up an Mvix Ceeno+ Networkable Signage Player to work with

Adding and Registering the Signage Device to your iCatSignage Portal:

  • Register for a Free Account on
    • Within 24-48 hours of registration, you will receive a confirmation with an UserID and Password for the portal
  • Login to using the UserID and password assigned.
  • Click on "System", and ensure you have the right GMT time zone selected.  If necessary enable Daylight Savings Time. can be a great help to figure out which GMT zone you are in.  Google "Your City, State" and "GMT" and you should get the proper zone.
  • Under "System" you can also select to be emailed if your player goes offline.
  • On the top navigation bar, click on "Player"
  • Click on the"Home" folder icon. (Home is the default group under which your device will be registered.)
  • Once inside the "Home" Group, click on the"Add Player" button. A pop-up window should appear as below.
  • Record the 10-digit ID as indicated in the player profile pop-up. This ID is in this format: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • On this profile page, enter a player name (Choose any name).
  • Under "Device Model," select CEENO as the option.
  • You can also complete the other optional fields ("Location", "Category" and "Description").
  • Click SAVE.

Mvix Ceeno Configuration

  • Once the device completes the boot process, press MAIN MENU using the Ceeno's Remote Control.
  • Click on SETUP and then click on OPERATION MODE
  • On the next screen, highlight the OPERATION MODE field and select ICAT
  • Navigate to the next field ICAT PLAYER ID.
  • Using the remote control, enter the 10-digit ID you recorded earlier.
  • Press Main Menu again to exit.
  • Restart the signage player.
  • Remember to completely format the CF Card before using the signage player.

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