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Which Ports do I have to open on my network for my Xhibit Device to connect to XhibitSignage?

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018 04:50PM EDT

The Mvix Xhibit signage system connects to the XhibitSignage content management server over the internet. Typically, this connection is established over a regular HTTP/HTTPS protocol, which is the same protocol that a PC or laptop uses to connect with any website.

Some special, highly-secured corporate firewalls may restrict web-connections and file transfer protocols due to security concerns. Some of these networks may require port-access for Xhibit connections.

Traffic will need to be allowed to, which includes the following IP addresses:




The following outbound ports must be open in order to allow access to

--> TCP Port 80  (HTTP)

--> TCP Port 8080  (HTTP)

--> TCP Port 443  (HTTPS)

You will also need to make the following port available for outbound connections to our remote troubleshooting tool:

--> TCP Port 5938  

Please allow access to * to ensure your time is correct. You will also need to make the following outbound port available to ensure your device's time is correct:

--> UDP Port 123 

To ensure proper and successful security updates please allow outbound access to This is done over:

--> TCP Port 80 (HTTP)

As long as the device can connect to over outbound TCP ports 80, and 443, there are no additional requirements to ensure connectivity.

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