How Do I Schedule Content Using

After creating a playlist, the next step is to create a schedule for your media. This will allow you to then take those media files and display them with preset timings and durations. The following knowledge base article explains how to incorporate content into a schedule, and to then assign timing and duration settings for each file.

Creating a Schedule

  • Log into, hover your mouse over the "Publish" tab on the top menu bar, and click the "Schedule & Publish" option from the drop-down menu below.

Configuring the Schedule

  • Step 1: Ensure that the Status is checked as "Active" (default is checked) and then enter a Name for your schedule.
  • Step 2: Next, configure the hours when you would like the content to play (24 hrs will need to be unchecked in order to modify the times). Move right and check the days of the week when you'd like your schedule to play.
  • Step 3: Select the date range for your schedule by clicking the dropdown menu and choosing the desired days. You can choose from a preset range or alternatively enter a custom date range in the fields below ("All Dates" will need to be unchecked in order to modify the dates).
  • Step 4: Move below to the "Playback Content" section and click "Select Content" to choose your desired content. This will bring up a selection window where you can assign either Media, Playlists, or Templates. (Media is a single full screen file, Playlist is an array of full screen files, and Template is a group of custom-sized files and zones).
  • Step 5: Lastly, select the devices you'd like to receive your schedule by clicking the + icon in the right column. Once a device has been select, it will appear in the "Devices" box on the bottom left.
  • When selecting a date range for your schedule, you have the alternate option of selecting multiple dates in a non-linear format.
  • Select a host of dates to populate your schedule with. Then verify that your chosen dates are the ones you wish to use.

Saving Your Schedule

  • Once your schedule has been configured, the final step is to save it by clicking the "Save & Publish" button near the bottom right corner.

Managing Your Schedule

  • After you've successfully created your schedule, you can monitor the status of your schedules by clicking the "Schedule Library" tab and selecting either TODAY, WEEK, or MONTH. Next, click the "Devices" drop-down menu, and be sure to select the appropriate device. Any scheduled content will appear in blue inside the calendar.
  • To manage existing schedules, select the "Schedule Library" tab and click on the small filter icon near the top right corner. This will open a filter menu where you can refine searches by Name, Group, or Device assignment. The various filtering mechanisms make it easier to locate schedules.
  • Once a schedule has been located, it can be edited or deleted by using the icons, which are located on the right side of every row.

For more information about scheduling content, please view the following video:


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