How Do I Manage my Devices and Device Groups Using

Once you have one or more players attached to your account, you can manage them by using the "Device Library." The Device Library contains a list of all current players under your account and provides statistics about each player. Statistic examples include the name, group, online status, and IP address. Additionally, you can organize players into "device groups", which gives you the ability to assign schedules to a group of devices instead of just one device at a time. The following knowledge base article explains how to manage your devices and device groups.

What You'll Need

  • Mvix Xhibit
  • CMS Application
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Player(s) to manage

If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to create a playlist with your content.

Managing Your Devices

  • Log into, hover your mouse over the "Devices" tab on the top menu bar, and click the "Device Library" option from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, you can view all current devices attached to your account, as well as information about last login time, assigned group, online status, IP address, and so on. You can also reboot active devices by clicking the green power icon at the bottom right corner of the specified device details.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon near the top left corner in order to see a snapshot of the current content which is playing on your device.

Creating Device Groups

  • Once you are satisfied with your device library, you can now create and manage device groups by clicking "Device Groups" from the dropdown menu found under "Devices" tab.
  • From this screen, you can see both your device groups on the left, as well as any unassigned devices on the right (Default group).
  • In order to view the assigned devices of a particular group, click the "View Devices" magnifying icon found at the bottom right of the desired group.
  • To add one or more unassigned devices to an existing group, simply drag and drop the desired device from the Default group on the right and release it over the group of your choice in the left column.
  • To verify that your device has been successfully added to your group, click "View Device" to confirm that the player's name appears in the device group.
  • If you wish to remove a device from a group, click the "View Device" button under your group of choice, locate the device you want to remove, and simply click the trash can icon at the bottom right corner.
  • To create additional groups, click the "Add Group" button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Once the group is created, it will appear at the top of your group list on the left column. The group name will be automatically highlighted in blue so that you can change or edit it as desired. Devices can now be added to this new group in the exact same way as before, by dragging and dropping unassigned players from the right over to the new group on the left.
  • To remove a group entirely, locate it in the left column of groups and click the trash can icon in the bottom right corner. NOTE: Removing a group does not delete devices; it simply adds them back to the Default group.

For more information about managing your devices, please view the following video:


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