How Do I Add Media and Playlists to a Template Using

How do I add media and playlists to a template using

After gathering your content or creating a playlist, you're now ready to combine these files to create a template. Templates allow you to take advantage of multizone functionality by creating independent zones that can hold a variety of content, such as clocks, web widgets, webpages, playlists, and singular media files. The following knowledgebase article explains how to create a template.

What You'll Need

  • Mvix Xhibit
  • CMS Application
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Media files, playlists, or general content you wish to add to the template

If you meet the requirements listed above, simply follow the steps below to create a template with your content.

Adding a Media Zone

  • Log into, hover your mouse over the "Templates" tab on the top menu bar, and click the "Create Template" option from the drop-down menu below.
  • To add a media zone, select the category in the top menu bar, and click the icon that corresponds to the media you are looking to display -  a rectangular media box will appear on the template canvas. This represents an empty media container that can hold any compatible media content. If you want to add multiple zones, simply click the icon again, and an additional media zone will appear.
  • To specify content for this zone, click the pen icon near the bottom right corner of the zone box. A window will appear that lists all compatible content for that zone. Click to select the file of your choice and hit "save" when done.
  • HINT: To remove a zone at any time, just click the X icon near the top right corner of the zone box.

Adding a Playlist Zone

  • Adding a playlist zone is done in the same fashion as adding media zones - simply select "playlist" from the top sidebar and click the icon below, and a new zone will appear in the template canvas. NOTE: Newly added zones will always appear in the top left corner, and will need to be dragged to their desired location.
  • To resize any zone, click and drag the edges or corners as needed.
  • To assign a playlist for your zone, click the pen symbol in the bottom right corner of the box. A window will pop up listing all available playlists - click your desired playlist from the list and you'll see the contents shown on the right. Confirm by hitting "save" to finalize.

Additional Tips

  • To change the background image of the Template, select the "Landscape icon", located next to the Preview and Save buttons
  • You can click anywhere outside of the template to disable/remove an opaque layer in the template
  • When configuring a Template for a Video Wall, hover your mouse over the options menu and select the "Convert To Video Wall" option to convert the template to a Video Wall Template

For more information about creating templates, please view the following videos:


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